Innerpeffray Castle, Near Crieff

Innerpeffray Castle, Near Crieff, Scotland

 This evening, I am focusing on a little known site in Perthshire, central Scotland which comprises an unusual combination of a 2nd century AD Roman Road and Roman Army Camp, A 17thcentury historic library with correspondingly old 3,800 book collection, 16th century renaissance chapel and ruins of a mid 15th century castle built for the Drummonds. Pefferis a Celtic word associated with a stream as supported by Innerpeffray’s location right next to the River Earn.

This history packed site does not normally feature on the tourist trail which is just as well as there is limited parking. For the academically inclined, to browse through the shelves of antiquarian books is a special treat-and free!

Inside Innerpeffray Chapel, Scotland

Inside Historic Innerpeffray Chapel, Scotland

Historic Innerpeffray Chapel

Historic Innerpeffray Chapel, Scotland

The site is closely connected with the Drummond family who were ennobled using the style ‘Madertie’ . The Madertie flag is shown below right next to an archaeological excavation
Madertie Flag at Innerpeffray

Madertie Flag at Innerpeffray, Scotland

Innerpeffray is a fascinating and diverse site which I don’t visit as frequently as perhaps I should.

Elsewhere today,  have been fully occupied with the details of a self-drive tour of Ireland for two persons plus responses to other tour enquiries which are in process.

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