Thomas Coats Memorial Church, Paisley

Baptist Cathedral, Pasiley

Today proved quite satisfying. For some time I have been working on an ancestry themed tour for a guest from Canada whose ancestor/relation was a gentleman named Dr Oliver Flett who spent most of his life in Paisley. Following some research anddetective work I found Dr Flett’s significant memorial at Woodside Cemetery,Paisley. Full information can be found in this blog post.

I took this opportunity to view and visit some of Paisley’s important landmarks and buildings. Image at top of this post is the Thomas Coats Memorial Church (Baptist) , one of many public buildings donated by the Coats family. Other important buildings are discussed below.

Paisley is now a shadow of its former industrial past. Historically, the town was a textile industry powerhouse employing tens of thousands in its mills and associated industries.  Today, Paisley is looking to reinvent itself.

Residents of Paisley are called ‘buddies’-hence name of this pub.

Buddies Pub, Paisley

Buddies Pub, Paisley, Scotland

A view of Paisley with impressive former school, now flats, in centre.
Paisley and former JNI School

Paisley andformer JNI School, Scotland

This statutue is of John Witherspoon, a former Paisley church minister who emigrated to New Jersey in 1768 became President of Princeton and signed the U.S. Declaration of Independence.
John Witherspoon Statue

John Witherspoon Statue, Paisley

This is the Museum, Art Gallery and Library. Donated by the wealthy Coats family (textiles).
Paisley Museum and Art Gallery

Paisley Museum andArt Gallery, Scotland

Another example of Coats philanthropy, an observatory donated by Thomas Coats in 1883.
Coats Observatory, Paisley

Coats Observatory, Paisley, Scotland

 Here is Oakshaw Trinity Church (1750). One of nine churches on Oakshaw Hill.
Oakshaw Trinity Church, Paisley

OakshawTrinity Church, Paisley, Scotland

 Here is a video clipof the cottage in which lived Paisley’s weaver-poet, Robert Tannahill (died 1810)

Overall, I enjoy exploring Paisley and consider it overlooked as a visitor attraction. The town has a history dating back at least 1500 years, has a very impressive 12th century Abbey, was at the forefront of the industrial revolution and benefited from some wealthy and philanthropic textile industry magnates who gave much back to the town in the 19th century.

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