Meikleour Hedge, Perthshire

Meikleour Hedge, Perthshire, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on Meikleour Hedge, the world’s tallest at Meikleour in central Scotland. Summary particulars as follows:

  • Meikle is  a Scots word meaning beech. Not surprisingly, this is a hedge comprised of beech trees.
  • Located close the the village of Meikleour.
  • Was planted in 1745 by Robert Murray Nairne and wife, Jean Mercer. The former was a Jacobite supporter and was killed at the Battle of Culloden in 1746.
  • The hedge is 530 m ( 580 yds) long and 36 m ( 120 ft.) in height.It is cut at ten yearly intervals.

When touring this part of Scotland, I usually stop by for photographs. However, great care is required as the road in front of the hedge is extremely busy and dangerous. 

Elsewhere today, I have been preoccupied with booking lodgings relative to a 16 day driving tour of Scotland and Ireland. Client very happy with progress to date.

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