Glasgow Cathedral, Scotland

Glasgow Cathedral, Scotland from Necropolis

This evening, I am posting information on Glasgow Cathedral, Scotland. Technically the term ‘Cathedral’ is a misnomer because the building is currently a Presbyterian place of worship but historically it was Roman Catholic and the old name has lingered on.

The current Cathedral building dates from the 13th century and replaced an earlier 12th century building. The actual site probably has a Christian heritage dating back to the 6th or 5thcenturies AD. According to legend, the site is closely associated with an early Christian missionary, St Kentigern (also known as St Mungo) who may have been active in the late 6th and early 7thcenturies AD. In medieval times there was a cult developed around St Kentigern whose tomb can be seen in the final image below. St Mungo/Kentigern is the patron saint of Glasgow.

The Cathedral is unusual in that it survived the ravages of the Protestant Reformation (1560 AD) largely intact, one of the very such Scottish church buildings to do so. The University of Glasgow was founded here in 1451 by papal bull. However, by the 17th century the University had established its own premises and continues to this day as a highly rated academic institution. Read more on Visit Glasgow Cathedral, Visit Scotland…