Eglinton Castle, Kilwinning

Eglinton Castle, Kilwinning, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on a very unusual building which is styled a castle but actually comprises the remains of a grand mansion dating from the early 19th century located near Kilwinning in Ayrshire, S.W. Scotland.

The property was built in Gothic castellated style by the wealthy Earls of Eglinton family between 1797 and 1802. In 1839 the 13th Earl hosted a grossly extravagant-and financially draining- mock medieval tournamanet in the adjacent grounds.

During the 20th century the Montgomeries wealth deteriorated to the extent that the castle was abandoned in 1925. The building suffered further ignominy during WW2 in being used by the army for munitions practice.

The remaining masonry represents but a shadow of the mansion at its peak. Nevertheless it sits in a park open to the public; a pleasant enough spot with special affection for members of Clan Montgomery. This video clip  affords a useful perspective of the site.

Elsewhere today, I have been engaged in extensive correspondence concerning new and existing tour enquiries. One such enquiry led me to a tour guide in N.W. England  which proved to be a good networking opportunity.

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