Royal Mile, Edinburgh

Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Scotland

This morning, I dropped my guests off at Aberdeen Airport ( N.E. Scotland) at conclusion of successful whisky tour and then proceeded south to return home. I had planned to spend some time photographing the popular town town of Stonehaven, an exercise hindered by persistent rain. I continued south to Edinburgh primarily to drop off a small consignment of Scotch whisky for shipment to clients in the U.S. Whilst in Edinburgh, I took the opportunity to  acquire some images of key sites and landmarks as shown above and below.

Image above shows part of the Royal Mile, which is a nickname given to the route from Edinburgh Castle to Holyrood Palace down an ancient volcanic ridge. Contains many ancient and historic buildings of interest to historians and architects alike.

Here is an up-ended stone telescope designed shortly after the famous British victory at the Battle of Trafalgar (1805) by Robert Burn but not completed until 1816. Located on Calton Hill. Visitors can climb to the top and benefit from stunning views of Edinburgh and environs.

Nelson Monument, Edinburgh

Nelson Monument, Edinburgh, Scotland

Here are the City Chambers, the centre of local government for Edinburgh. Not accessible to tourists. The building was designed by John Adams in 1753 with subsequent modifications in 1901 and 1934.

City Chambers, Edinburgh

City Chambers, Edinburgh, Scotland

 Image below is of the High Court of Justiciary which dates back to 1632-9. The facade is more recent (by Robert Reid) dating from 1807-10 and 1825-34. Only a small portion of the original facade remains. This was the centre of Scottish Government until union with England in 1707.

Parliament Square, Edinburgh

Parliament Square, Edinburgh, Scotland

Here is the Mercat Cross with tour group. Many towns and cities across Scotland have Mercat Crosses. They were central meeting places where business transactions were concluded and official proclamations made. This Cross has history dating back to the 15th century but shaft is a 1970 copy of parts of the 15th century shaft. Original shaft may have been half as tall again as that evident today.

Mercat Cross, Edinburgh

Mercat Cross, Edinburgh, Scotland

Here is the specialist whisky shop on the Royal Mile where can be found a wide selection of malts from all over Scotland including one rare bottle of  Macallan costing GBP15000 (USD24,000).

Royal Mile Whiskies, Edinburgh

Royal Mile Whiskies, Edinburgh, Scotland

 Here is St Giles Cathedral, or more correctly styled, the High Kirk of St Giles. Originally Roman Catholic in medieval times but now Presbyterian. It was here that Protestant preacher John Knox (1510-1572)  denounced Mary, Queen of Scots for her Catholicism. Most of the building was refaced in 1829 but the crowned tower is original and dates from 1500. Of special interest is the 1910 addition being the Chapel of the most Ancient and most Noble Order of the Thistle featuring high quality craftsmanship in stone, wood and glass.

St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh

St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh, Scotland

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