Dun Breag Broch

Dun Breag Broch, Skye

This evening, I am focusing on a uniquely Scottish structure, namely brochs. In all there were some 500 brochs built in Scotland around the period 200BC to 200AD. In essence the brochs were round towers with tapering double-skinned dry-stone walls bonded together at intervals by rows of flat slabs. Between the two concentric walls were stairs leading to galleries and rooms on other levels. There were no windows and the concentric walls are now understood to provide a very effective insulation mechanism. Height was around 40ft or 13m. This video clip  of Dun Breag on Skye illustrates broch architecture

Brochs seem to have originated in the Orkney Islands. They are thought to be combined high status and defensive buildings which entire communities and their animals could use as a refuge. Many brochs are situated in prominent positions overlooking the sea (communication lines).

Most of the Scottish brochs are in various states of ruin. However, there remains one almost intact broch on the uninhabited island of Mousa (Shetlands).

Dun Carloway Broch

Dun Carloway Broch, Isle of Lewis

Inside Dun Breag Broch

Inside Dun Breag Broch, Skye

Elsewhere today, I have:

  • Designed a new page for my main, catswhiskerstours.co.uk website.
  • Responded to two new enquiries for tours of Scotland.
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