Greenbank House, Glasgow

Greenbank House, Glasgow, Scotland

In Scotland we have just experienced a good fall of snow which covers most of the country. Inspired by this I went out on my bike with objective of obtaining some images of flowers, etc at Greenbank Garden. I was hoping to capture some daffodils but they are not yet in bloom. Notwithstanding this, and the fact I got utterly soaked from the snow and rain, I did have a productive trip. The snow does serve to put nature in a different perspective. All the images below were taken this morning and will, hopefully, give readers of this blog a perspective on the snow.

This is Vibernum blossom encrusted with snow.

Viburnum in Snow

Viburnum in snow at Greenbank

 Rhododendron in bloom

Rhododendron flower

Rhododendron flower in snow

The statue in the centre of the pond is named ‘Foam’ and was made for the British Empire exhibition in Glasgow in 1938.

Fountain 'Foam'

Fountain 'Foam' at Greenbank

This interesting natural design caught my eye.

Natural sculpture at Greenbank

Natural sculpture at Greenbank, Glasgow

 A profusion of snowdrops is some consolation for absence of daffodils.

Snowdrops at Greenbank

Snowdrops at Greenbank, Glasgow

 This horse image also shows the snow covered local landscape.

Horse in winter

Horse in winter, Waterfoot

Elsewhere today, I have:

  • Worked on detail of a couple of itineraries for tours schedule later in the year.
  • At very short notice arranged a private, four day tour for  two persons from the U.S.
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