St Kessog's Church Luss

Kessog's Church Luss, Scotland

This morning, I collected my guests from Cameron House, Loch Lomond and then drve  a few miles north to visit the quaint heritage village of Luss. Here we had a private viewing of the church interior including a short film on Luss and environs. Luss church is dedicated to St Kessog an early Christian missionary from Ireland who was active around the 5th/6th centuries AD. The current church dates from the late 1800s but is just the latest (possibly 4th) place of Christian worship on the particular site.

Next we headed into Glasgow to visit Govan Old Church. Like Luss the current church is late 19th century but situated on a very ancient Christian site. Inside can be found a cllection of 9th/10th century carved stones with Pictish and Viking influences. We were treated to superb hospitality by church representatives and provided with a tour of the church and stones.

Sarcophagus, Govan Old Church,

Sarcophagus, Govan Old Church, , Scotland

Hogback Gravemarker

Hogback Gravemarker, Govan

Govan Old Church

Govan Old Church, Scotland

After Govan we drove to the famous Burrell Collection, a superb and diverse range range of  artifacts assembled by the late Sir William Burrell during the early 20th century and then donated to the City of Glasgow. Includes Chinese porcelain, tapestries, armour, furniture, statues and much more. We had a light lunch here.

Burrell Collection, Glasgow

Burrell Collection, Glasgow, Scotland

Burrell Collection, Glasgow

Burrell Collection, Glasgow, Scotland

After the Burrell Collection we drove to the Cathedral where we benefited from a tour by a local guide. This is a stunning building, mainly dating from the 13th century and which was saved from serious damage during the Reformation.

Inside Glasgow Cathedral

Inside Glasgow Cathedral, Scotland

13th c Glasgow Cathedral

13th c Glasgow Cathedral, Scotland

Our final stop was the Necropolis, close to the Cathedral. This was started in the 1830s and became a final resting place for the great, good and rich of Victorian Glasgow. Many of the memorials are elaborate with architectural merit in their own right.

Glasgow Necropolis

Glasgow Necropolis, Scotland

Finally, we headed back to Cameron House in time for dinner.

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