This morning, I collected guests from Cameron House, Loch Lomond and then proceeded as follows:

  • Drove to Stirling in central Scotland. Prime objective here was the famous castle. We visited all the key sites including Great Hall, chapel, kitchens and weaving.
Entrance to Stirling Castle

Entrance to Stirling Castle, Scotland


  • Abernethy Tower. This may date from around the 9th-11th centuries AD and was probably part of a Celtic Church Monastery.
Abernethy Round Tower, Abernethy

Abernethy Round Tower, Abernethy, Scotland

Carved Pictish Stone

Carved Pictish Stone, Abernethy

  • St Andrews. Here we had lunch overlooking the famous Old Course then drove around to view the medieval architecture and university including a stop at the Cathedral.
Old Course, St Andrews,

Old Course, St Andrews,Scotland

Ruins of St Andrews Cathedral

Ruins of St Andrews Cathedral, Scotland

  • ¬†Crail, a quaint fishing village on the Fife Coast.
  • Dunfermline Abbey. Site dates from 12th century and features a church, former Royal palace and ruined abbey.
Dunfermline Abbey, Dunfermline

Dunfermline Abbey, Dunfermline, Scotland

Abbey Church, Dunfermline

Abbey Church, Dunfermline, Scotland

Finally we arrived at our destination of Edinburgh after 5.00pm.

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