Antonine Wall at Rough Castle

Antonine Wall at Rough Castle, Scotland

This morning, together with another tour guide, I visited a well preserved section of the Roman Antonine Wall at Bonnybidge, S.W. Scotland. This was a familiarisation trip in connection with large group tour scheduled for later in the year.

The Antonine Wall is often overshadowed by its more famous counterpart, Hadrian’s Wall. The former is located about 70 miles north of the latter and represented the northern frontier of the Roman Empire for about 20 years, roughly AD 140-AD 160.  Some key facts:

  • Construction was undertaken by three Roman legions: 2nd Augusta, 6 Victrix and 20th Valeria Victrix.Total manpower may have been 7,000 men.
  • Predominantly of turf construction on a stone base. Turf superstructure about 2,75m high.
  • At intervals along the Wall were at least 19 principal forts (of which Rough Castle is one). Fortlets existed at one (Roman) mile intervals.
  • Total garrison may have been 7000 men.
  • Abandoned about AD163 when the Romans retreated to Hadrian’s Wall.

This now forms part of a World Heritage Site and is conveniently situated about 45 mins drive from Glasgow.

Image below shows a Roman ‘minefield’. Pits were  filled with upturned sharpened stakes and then camouflaged to act as traps.

Lilia at Rough Castle

Lilia at Rough Castle, Antonine Wall

Here is a good section of the Wall.

Antonine Wall at Bonnybridge

Antonine Wall at Bonnybridge, Scotland

Here is the Roman fort known as Rough Castle.

Rough Castle Roman Fort

Rough Castle Roman Fort, Bonnybridge

Another aspect of the Rough Castle fort. Here is a video clip  of the Wall taken at Rough Castle.

Rough Castle, Antonine Wall

Rough Castle, Antonine Wall, Scotland

A view of the Wall close to the road at Seabegs Wood near Bonnybridge.

Antonine Wall at Seabegs Wood

Antonine Wall at Seabegs Wood, Scotland

The Roman era presents a great appeal to me so I enjoy visiting this site.  Sadly, there is no Visitor Centre, just a few information boards dotted around.

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