Wallace Monument, Stirling

Wallace Monument, Stirling, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on the Wallace Monument, which is located near Stirling in central Scotland.

This was built in the late 19th century to commemorate William Wallace ( died 1305 ) who won a famous victory over a superior English army at nearby Stirling Bridge in 1297 AD during the Wars of Independence.. The Monument is situated on the volcanic outcrop where Wallace’s troops were positioned at the Battle.

Wallace was a Scottish patriot and soldier who came from nowhere to achieve success as a great military leader  but came to a gruesome end (hung, drawn and quartered) in London after betrayal by one of his own side.

The Wallace Monument is an extremely popular visitor attraction, especially following the film ‘Braveheart’  although some would debate the historical accuracy of aspects of that film. However, in my view the attraction falls short in providing information on the Battle and details of Wallace’s life. None of my guests have come away and said “wow”.

Just a few days ago I climbed the 246 stairs to the top of the Monument and was rewarded with stunning views over the local landscape, including Ben Lomond and Stirling Castle. The climb can be broken (rested!) by visiting exhibitions at various levels on the way up (or down).

Wallace Monument, Stirling, Scotland

Elsewhere today, I have taken a booking for a four day tour of the Highlands, responded to numerous other tour enquiries and helped a visitor from the U.S arrange a walking tour of Edinburgh.

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