Distillery Tour at Aberlour

Distillery Tour at Aberlour, Speyside

This morning, I collected my guests from their hotel in Leith and then drove north,through Perthshire with first stop at Pitlochry for coffee. Then on further north to our destination of Charlestown of Aberlour on Speyside. Here we had a light lunch at the Pantry Restaurant followed by a short walk around town and then on to Aberlour Distillery to join the 2.00pm tour.

Loading malted barley at Aberlour

Loading malted barley at Aberlour, Speyside

Tour Guide, Jonathan, provided us with an illuminating tour, guiding us through the malting, mashing, fermentation, distillation and maturation processes culminating in a sampling of 5 malts plus freshly distilled spirit. The tour lasted about 2 hours.

Rare Aberlour Malt at Aberlour Distillery

Rare Aberlour Malt at Aberlour Distillery, Speyside

Distilling Whisky at Aberlour

Distilling Whisky at Aberlour Distillery

Whisky Tasting at Aberlour

Whisky Tasting at Aberlour Distillery

Next we headed for the famous Craigellachie Whisky Bar but stopped en-route to photograph some young lambs.

New Born Lambs, Speyside

New Born Lambs, Speyside, Scotland

At Craigellachie we spent about 1 hour admiring (and sampling) the collection of over 700 rare malts.

Craigellachie Whisky Bar, Speyside

Craigellachie Whisky Bar, Speyside, Scotland

Rare Springbank 1919 at Craigellachie

Rare Springbank 1919 at Craigellachie Whisky Bar

Finally,we drove to Grantown on Spey to check into our lodgings at Garth Hotel and then on to dinner at the well regarded Craggan Mill Restaurant which specialises in whisky themed meals.

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