Sarcophagus at Govan Old Church

Sarcophagus at Govan Old Church, Scotland

This evening, my focus is on the stunning collection of early medieval carved stones at Govan Old Church, Glasgow. To my mind this collection ranks as one of Scotland’s top historic treasures but they are located in a semi-redundant church in the Govan industrial area. Access is possible but something of an initiative test.

The Govan Old Church is located on a very early and important Christian site, possibly dating back 1500 years. In fact the current church is probably the fourth on the site.

The collection of sculptured stones were carved during the 9th, 10th and 11th centuries, each from locally quarried sandstone. They point to the importance of the Govan site and reflect a merging of cultures: Pictish, Irish, Cumbrian and Scandinavian. 

The restored sarcophagus shown immediately above and below is Glasgow’s first designed and crafted work of art. Read more on Visit Govan Carved Stones, Visit Scotland…