Crathes Castle and Garden

Crathes Castle and Garden, Scotland

This evening, my focus is on historic Crathes Castle  in N.E. Scotland, near Aberdeen which also boasts a noteworthy garden.

Crathes is the family home of the Burnards or Burnetts whose ancestors originated in England pre Norman Conquest. This family were very politically astute and aligned themselves with first King Robert the Bruce who awarded the family lands and then successfully navigated through the turbulent 17th and 18th centuries without damage to the castle.

The castle essentially represents a high status home which was inaugurated in 1553. Inside are painted ceilings depicting biblical, classical and medieval characters which represent one of the treasures of the Scottish Renaissance. Inside the important rooms include the High Hall, Stair Chamber, Victorian Bedroom, Laird’s Bedroom, Room of the Nine Nobles, the Family Room, the Long Gallery, the Green Lady’s Room (with resident ghost!), the Muses Room and Stone Hall.

Outside there are ornamental gardens of note which were designed by Sir James Burnett and his wife Sybil. Sir James focused on trees and shrubs whilst Lady Burnett was interested in herbaceous plants and their colour coordination. Read more on Visit Crathes Castle, Visit Scotland…