Drum Castle, Scotland

Drum Castle, N.E.Scotland

 Tonight, the focus of my blog post is Drum Castle which is located about 10 miles west of Aberdeen in N.E. Scotland.

Like many Scottish castles this building was not designed and completed as a single project but evolved over a period of some 500 years with  additions and embellishments reflecting the wealth of the owners and changes in fashions and technology.

Drum Castle was held by the Irvine family for a period of some 700 years, from 1323 to 1976.

The Irvines obtained the Castle and wealth through long-standing military support of the Scottish Kings from Robert the Bruce in the 14th century through to the Stewarts in the 16th century. However, loyalty to the Crown worked in reverse in the 17th and 18th centuries resulting in the castle being ransacked and plundered in 1644 and 1645. After the Battle of Culloden (1746) the Irvings lost their wealth but managed to keep the Castle.

The 70ft high tower (to the right in above image) is the earliest part of the Castle and represents one of the three oldest surviving such tower-houses in Scotland.Image immediately below shows the tower interior with walls 12 feet thick. The impressive Renaissance mansion was added by the 9th Laird in 1619.

Drum Castle is now managed by the National Trust for Scotland and is open to the public. Read more on Visit Drum Castle, Visit Scotland…