Glenshee Highland Scenery

Glenshee Highland Scenery, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on the small village of Glenshee, located in Perthshire and  just south of the Grampian Mountains, about 1 hour drive north of Pitlochry.

Glenshee is a Highland community situated on the A93  which runs between Blairgowrie and Braemar (close to Balmoral Castle).  The area is a haven for outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, fishing, deer stalking and (in winter) skiing. The going can be tough in winter and even in March I once had to turn back when on a tour due to the road being blocked by snow.

The origin of the name is interesting. The word Spittal is a Scots word borrowed from the Latin hospitium (from which the modern word hospital is derived). The Scots word meant a hospice or resting place for travellers. It is believed that there has been some sort of travellers rest at Glenshee for about 1000 years. As for the rest of the name, Glen means valley and Shee refers to the River Shee or Shee Water. So, in modern English the name might roughly translate as the ‘Travellers Rest in the Valley of the River Shee’.

I stayed a couple of nights here recently in context of a tour, an experience which proved quite interesting and resulted in contact with parties of hikers and hillwalkers.

As for lodgings, the Spittal of Glenshee Hotel is deceptively large but really aimed at the outdoor market. Whilst at the higher end is the Dalmunzie (pronounced Dalmungie) Castle Hotel.

Most visitors come to this part of the country to connect with the scenery and not the inside of hotel rooms. Read more on Visit Spittal of Glenshee, Visit Scotland…