Former College Building, Aberdeen

Former College Building, Aberdeen, Scotland

This evening, I am in Aberdeen, N.E. Scotland in readiness for a Speyside Whisky tour tomorrow. This city has some fascinating church and civic architecture, as evidenced by the images above and below.

I took the opportunity to spend the evening walking around the city and harbour taking photographs in the evening sunshine.

Aberdeen is known as the ‘Granite City’ because of the type of stone of which most properties here are constructed.

Although originally a small fishing village many years ago Aberdeen has prospered in line with growth of the North Sea oil industry in which the city plays a key role in the service/support sector.

Friendly Citizen of Aberdeen

Friendly Citizen of Aberdeen, Scotland

Ecclesiastical Architecture, Aberdeen

Ecclesiastical Architecture, Aberdeen, Scotland

City Square, Aberdeen

City Square, Aberdeen, Scotland

Irish Pub, Aberdeen

Irish Pub, Aberdeen, Scotland

Commercial Shipping, Aberdeen

Commercial Shipping, Aberdeen, Scotland

Street Scene near Railway Station

Street Scene near Railway Station, Aberdeen

Street Scene, Aberdeen

Street Scene, Aberdeen, Scotland

Kirkyard of St Nicholas

Kirkyard of St Nicholas, Aberdeen

Below is an image of the premises belonging to the Shore Porters Society. This company is one of the world’s oldest, dating from 1498.

Premises of Shore Porters Society, Aberdeen

Premises of Shore Porters Society, Aberdeen, Scotland

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