Dunottar Castle, nr Stonehaven
Dunottar Castle, nr Stonehaven, Scotland

This evening, my focus is on the magnificent medieval stone castle at Dunnottar which is located near to Stonehaven on the east coast of Scotland. Throughout its existence this castle has had a primarily military function. There are records of a fortification on this site going back to the 7thcentury but the current building originated in the 1290s under Sir William Keith, and to this day remains associated with Clan Keith. This castle’s illustrious military career can be summarised as follows:

  • Fell to Edward I of England in late 13th C.
  • Stormed by William Wallace in 1297.
  • Back under English control in 1330s
  • Regained by the Scots under Sir Andrew Moray in 1330s.
  • Attacked by the Duke of Montrose in 1645.
  • Attacked by English Parliamentarian army in 1651 at which time the crown jewels of Scotland were spirited out of the castle and hidden from The English. Used as a prison on 1685 when 167 men and women were held in appalling conditions.

The castle was not restored after the 1651 bombardment and hence ruinous state today.

The images above and below give an appreciation for the size and standing of this once important fortification.

Dunnottar Castle, nr Stonehaven

Dunnottar Castle, nr Stonehaven, Scotland

Dunnottar Castle, nr Stonehaven

Dunnottar Castle, nr Stonehaven, Scotland

Inside Dunnottar Castle, Stonehavcen

Inside Dunnottar Castle, Stonehavcen, Scotland

Beach View from Dunnottar Castle

Beach View from Dunnottar Castle, Scotland

This interesting 17th C inscription features above a former fireplace inside the ruins.

Inscription above fireplace

Inscription above fireplace at Dunnottar Castle

Elsewhere today I spent a lot of time on the detail of upcoming tours and also met up with my techie friend who kindly resolved some IT issues for me.

The weather here in Glasgow has been warm and dry with many folks preparing for the impending Easter break.