Colourful Cottage at Luss

Colourful Cottage at Luss, Scotland

This evening, my focus is on the pretty village of Luss, located on the western side of Loch Lomond. This location is extremely popular with visitors for the following reasons:

  • About 40 mins from Glasgow and conveniently positioned on the main tourist route north.
  • For many years was, literally, a film set for a day time soap called ‘Take the High Road’.
  • Located on the ‘bonnie’ banks of Loch Lomond in turn in a national park.
  • Quaint houses with very well kept and colourful gardens. The village was originally built to house workers in a nearby (and now defunct) slate quarry.
  • Includes a church on a historic Christian site dating back about 1500 years.
  • There are boat trips, hiking trails and cycling routes.

Images above and below illustrate the colourful gardens.

 Colourful Garden

Colourful Garden at Luss

Colourful Garden at Luss

Colourful Garden at Luss, Scotland

Here is a view of the main street leading down to Loch Lomond and a pier which provides access to the Loch.

Luss Village Scene

Luss Village Scene with Loch Lomond

Another colourful example of a house.

Rose Cottage at Luss

Rose Cottage at Luss, Loch Lomond

McKessog’s Church, which is very popular as a weddings venue. Close by is a heritage centre which is also deserving of a visit.

McKessog's Church, Luss

McKessog's Church, Luss, Loch Lomond

 By way of illustrating the antiquity of the church site, the graveyard contains a 9th-11th century AD, Viking inspired ‘Hogback’ gravemarker.

Viking era 'Hogback'

Viking era 'Hogback' Gravemarker

I invariably include a short stop at Luss on tours which depart from (or finish at) Glasgow and usually receive favourable feedback. There is also a  restaurant offering good value meals.

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