Baptist Cathedral, Paisley

Baptist Cathedral, Paisley, Scotland

This morning, I collected guests from their Glasgow hotel and then proceeded to nearby Paisley to research family history.

First stop was Hawkhead Cemetery where we finally located the grave stone of Annie Brown McLaren who died March 15th 1922. This was a great source of satisfaction to all concerned as this particular marker had proved elusive.

Next we embarked on a walking tour of Paisley taking in:

  • 13th century Abbey
  • Main High Street and shopping area.
  • Baptist Cathedral
  • Museum
  • Observatory
  • Witherspoon Statue
  • Laigh Kirk
  • Anchor Mill
  • Threadmill Museum
Paisley Abbey, Paisley

Paisley Abbey, Paisley, Scotland

Inside Paisley Abbey, Paisley

Inside Paisley Abbey, Paisley, Scotland


Next we visited Paisley sites associated with guest’s personal ancestry including:

  • Underwood Lane
  • Sutherland Street
  • Garthland Lane/Place
  • Cochran Street
Sutherland St, Paisley

Sutherland St, Paisley, Scotland

Garthland Lane, Paisley

Garthland Lane, Paisley, Scotland

After concluding our Paisley visit and with time to spare we drove to nearby Glasgow where we visited the Cathedral and Necropolis.

Inside Glasgow Cathedral

Inside Glasgow Cathedral, Scotland

Overall, a productive day aided by reasonably sunny weather.

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