Highland Cow and Calf

Highland Cow and Calf, Glasgow


This morning I collected guests from Glasgow hotel and then proceeded as follows:

  • To Science Centre on River Clyde to view the river and local architecture and sites.
Glasgow and River Clyde

Glasgow and River Clyde, Scotland

  • Next to Govan Old Church where we provided with a private tour of a unique and extensive collection of carved stones from the 9th century Pictish era.
Sarcophagus at Govan Old Church

Sarcophagus at Govan Old Church, Glasgow

Carved Stones at Govan Old Church

Carved Stones at Govan Old Church, Scotland


  • Next we drove to Pollock Park via Ibrox and viewed a small herd of Highland Cattle before paying a short visit to the Burrell Collection where we also availed of lunch. Image of Cattle at top of post.
  • Next we drove to Bothwell Castle, one of Scotland’s largest and a magnificent ruin dating from the 13th century. This castle featured in the Wars of Independence and frequently changed hands between Scots and English.
Bothwell Castle, South Lanarkshire

Bothwell Castle, South Lanarkshire, Scotland

  • Next we drove on to the New Lanark  World Heritage Site. This is a former  water powered textile mill of considerable size dating from the 18th century. Unusually for the time, the owners/management has a very enlightened attitude to the workforce and provided a wide range of educational and social support.
New Lanark World Heritage Site

New Lanark World Heritage Site, Scotland


Finally, we returned to Glasgow about 6.00pm after a successful day’s touring.