Edzell Castle, Edzell

Edzell Castle, Edzell, Scotland

This afternoon, I took the opportunity to visit Edzell Castle in Angus, in the east of Scotland. The core of this rich, red sandstone building dates from around 1604 and was essentially a high status building designed to the scholarly tastes of Sir David Lindsay which include representations of planetary deities, cardinal virtues, the liberal arts and the seven deadly sins. There was a unique combination of statuary, carvings and gardens to challenge the senses and mind.

In the 17th and 18th centuries the family’s fortunes and influence ebbed. The castle was occupied by Cromwellian soldiers in the 1650s and again by Hanoverian soldiers in 1745 who caused damage. However, the final blow was caused by financial distress which resulted in the castle being sold off at a discount and asset stripped by creditors.

A fascinating ruin which affords an insight into the one time wealth of one of Scotland’s most powerful aristocrats.

Renaissance Garden at Edzell Castle

Renaissance Garden at Edzell Castle, Scotland


Tower House, Edzell Castle

Tower House, Edzell Castle, Scotland


Original Front Facade of Edzell Castle

Original Front Facade of Edzell Castle, Scotland


Edzell Castle, Edzell

Edzell Castle, Edzell, Scotland

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