Highland Park Distillery

Highland Park Distillery, Orkney

Today, whilst in Kirkwall Orkney I took the opportunity to participate in a tour of Highland Park Distillery.

This ranks as one of the best such tours I have undertaken.

Highland Park still uses a traditional malting floor and peat fired kilns.

Malting Floor, Highland Park

Malting Floor, Highland Park, Orkney

Germinating Barley, Highland Park

Germinating Barley, Highland Park, Orkney

The tour group were taken through the standard malting, mashing, fermentation, distillation and maturation processes.

Making Whisky at Highland Park

Making Whisky at Highland Park, Orkney

Malt Kiln, Highland Park

Malt Kiln, Highland Park, Orkney

Whisky Stills, Highland Park

Whisky Stills, Highland Park, Orkney

Whisky Casks at Highland Park

Whisky Casks at Highland Park, Orkney

Maturing Whisky at Highland Park

Maturing Whisky at Highland Park, Orkney

I was fascinated to view the malting floor and handle the germinating barley. One of the kilns was in full operation which added another dimension to the traditional whisky making process.

Highland Park’s standard and best known product is the 12 year old single malt which is mildly peated and matured in former Oloroso sherry oak casks.

Dram at Highland Park

Dram at Highland Park, Orkney

Sister distilleries include Macallan and Glenturret.

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