Stromness Harbour, Orkney

Stromness Harbour, Orkney, Scotland

This evening, the focus of my post is Stromness, a harbour on Orkney. The name originates from Old Norse ‘cape in the current’.

Stromness developed around a good harbour with growth occurring from the 18th century onwards owing to its strategic location, affording direct access to the Atlantic Ocean and the New World.

Stromness developed a very strong association with the Hudson’s Bay Company and saw many its young men recruited into fur trading enterprises in Canada. Towards the end of the 18th century the majority of the company’s work force were Orcadians who enjoyed a reputation for hard work and prudent demeanour.

Whaling was another activity which increased prosperity. It was at Stromness that the Davis Strait whaling fleet called in the 18th century to take on water and provisions.

Famous people with connections with Stromness include Captian Cook and Sir John Franklin who had their ships serviced at the port. Also, the 19th century explorer, Dr John Rae sailed from Stromness for N America.

Today, Stromness is perhaps best known as ferry port linking Orkney with Scrabster on the mainland with journey time of about 90 minutes.

I found the town and harbour very pleasant, particularly the architecture.

This image shows the old slipways dating from a time when when each harbour-side house would have had a boat.

Stromness Harbour, Orkney

Stromness Harbour, Orkney, Scotland

Modern sport of windsurfing in progress.

Windsurfing at Stromness Harbour

Windsurfing at Stromness Harbour, Orkney

View of port with canon.

View of Stromnes Harbour, Orkney

View of Stromnes Harbour, Orkney, Scotland


Church at Stromness, Orkney

Church at Stromness, Orkney, Scotland

Stromness Museum

Stromness Museum, Orkney

Stromness Museum, Orkney, Scotland

 Lawn bowls at the Golf Club.

Lawn Bowls at Stromness Golf Club

Lawn Bowls at Stromness Golf Club, Orkney

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