Popular Institute Tower

Popular Institute Tower, Tillicoultry

Clock Tower
Clock Tower, Tillicoultry

This evening, the focus of my blog is Tillicoultry, a small town of about 5000 persons in Clackmannanshire.

This post is prompted by a visit in context of a recent ancestry themed tour. The town is interesting for the reason it is  not on the ‘tourist trail’ . However, location is convenient relative to Stirling, St Andrews and Edinburgh and, indeed, Tillicoultry is now thought of as a commuter town. Nearby is Castle Campbell at Dollar.

Tillicoultry sits as foot of a line of hills stretching east-west called the Ochills.

Historically, Tillicoultry was heavily involved in the textile industry (washing and dying of wool) and produced serge cloth. Water powered mills started in the 1790s and by 1870 there were a total of 12 plus  a paper mill.  Other local industries included a quartz quarry and a coal mine. Today, the town is well served by a variety of shops and retail outlets plus a number of churches. I can vouch for the tea room!

A selection of images is provided above and below.

Community Hall, Tillicoultry

Community Hall, Tillicoultry, Scotland

Street Scene, Tillicoultry

Street Scene, Tillicoultry, Scotland


Street Scene, Tillcoultry

Street Scene, Tillcoultry, Scotland

Street Scene, Tillicoultry

Street Scene, Tillicoultry, Scotland

Ochill Street, Tillicoultry

Ochill Street, Tillicoultry, Scotland

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