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Hadrian's Wall at Housesteads

Hadrian's Wall at Housesteads, England


This morning I collected my guests at Newcastle on Tyne, off the ferry from Holland.

We then proceeded as follows:

To Housesteads Roman fort on Hadrian’s Wall. This was to get a basic understanding for the Hadrian’s Wall frontier which purpose the iconic Housesteads is ideally suited. Weather proved somewhat mixed and we did caight in a shower. Guests were also impressed by the omnipresent sheep.

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Angel of the North, Newcastle

Angel of the North, Newcastle, England

This afternoon I called in to photograph the famous Angel of the North sculpture which is located near Newcastle upon Tyne in N.E. England.  This stunning piece of public sculpture dominates the local skyline. Key facts are:

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Inside St Giles Cathedral, Royal Mile,

Inside St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh

This evening, I am posting information on St Giles Cathedral,Royal Mile Edinburgh. This is actually a Presbyterian place of worship whose correct name is the High Kirk of St Giles.

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