High Tea, Glasgow

High Tea, Glasgow, Scotland

This afternoon, I ventured into Glasgow (Scotland’s largest city) for a High Tea at the Millennium Hotel in George Square. This turned out as quite a pleasant experience affording a good vantage point to view the city centre. Refreshments were tasteful as well!

The square was laid out in 1781 and named after the British monarch, King George III. The master-plan was drawn up by leading architects of their day, James and Robert Adam. The site progressively developed into a high status residential locale between 1787 and the 1820s. However, the square did not become a public space until the late 19th century.

An intriguing aspect is the naming of the square. Although named after George III, this monarch actually fell out favour with the local business elite owing to (a) the King’s deteriorating mental condition and (b) the fact that during his ‘watch’  Britain lost the American colonies which had contributed a huge amount of wealth to Glasgow through the medium of the tobacco trade.

Millennium Hotel, Glasgow

Millennium Hotel, Glasgow, Scotland


Note the very tall plinth in the right of the image below. Originally this was intended to hold a statue of King George III but due to disenchantment by the local business community with the monarch a statue of romantic novelist Sir Walter Scott replaced that of George III.

George Square, Glasgow

George Square, Glasgow, Scotland

Elsewhere today, I have been working on proposals for a self-drive tour of Scotland and a Charles Rennie Mackintosh tour of Glasgow.

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