Colourful Lupins at Greenbank

Colourful Lupins at Greenbank, Glasgow

This afternoon I resolved to pay  one of my periodic visits to Greenbank Garden, south of Glasgow. The weather comprised a mix of sunshine and showers culminating in a light  hail storm. These conditions produce some interesting light conditions which are conducive to contrasts and highlighting the wide variety of colours which range across a wide spectrum of pastels, multiple shades of green, yellows, reds, purples and more.

This garden forms part of a heritage estate dating back to the 18th century and which is owned and managed by Scotland’s National Trust.

The gardening team here is, clearly, very skilled. At end of my photo session I was able have one of the expert team go through my portfolio of images and identify the various plants and flowers, a very helpful gesture.

Iris Siberica and Euphorbia Griffithii

Iris Siberica and Euphorbia Griffithii at Greenbank Garden

Garden Pond at Greenbank

Garden Pond at Greenbank Garden

Allium at Greenbank Garden

Allium at Greenbank Garden near Glasgow

Hemerocallis and Topiary

Hemerocallis and Topiary at Greenbank

Weigela  and Everlasting Wallflower

Weigela and Everlasting Wallflower at Greenbank Garden


Elsewhere today,  have experienced a sudden uptick in enquiries for Charles Rennie Mackintosh tours of Glasgow. Mackintosh was a famous architect and designer who reached his peak during the early part of the 20th century. He left an extensive legacy of his work in and around Glasgow which can be fitted nicely into a one day tour.

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