Callanish Stones, Lewis

Callanish Stones, Lewis, Hebrides

This evening, I am indulging my keen interest in prehistoric stone circles with focus on one of the most famous in Scotland, namely Callanish I.

This stunning site is located some 13 miles west of Stornoway (capital of Lewis). Some key aspects:

  • Was probably built over several phases, not as a single project.
  • The circle is actually an ellipse.
  • This is just one of¬† a concentration of stone circles in this particular locality. Similar concentrations¬† can be found in Kilmartin Glen and on the Isle of Arran.
  • Comprises a diminutive stone circle, a central stone, an avenue, three rows and a chambered tomb.
  • Although the site impresses for its grandeur and astronomy the ring is of modest proportions, with an internal area of just 1334 sq ft or 124 sq m.
  • The central line of the stone avenue is aligned on the setting of the southern moon.
  • The site may date from 2200 BC.
  • Was covered in peat and the scale of the site only became evident in 1857 when 5ft (1,5m) of peat was removed. Interestingly, stone circle building ceased around 1000 BC, a time which coincided with climate change which in turn triggered a build of peat which in turn protected the site over a period of some 3000 years.
Callanish Stone Circle, Isle of Lewis

Callanish Stone Circle, Isle of Lewis, Scotland

Overall, a site that always intrigues me. I look forward to visiting again when next on Lewis.

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