Red Poppies at Pollock House

Red Poppies at Pollock House, Glasgow

This morning, I paid a visit to Pollock House, a heritage property dating from the 18th century and now jointly managed by Scotland’s National Trust and Glasgow Council.

Prime purpose was to obtain images of the adjacent park and gardens, an endeavour which proved a success aided by warm, sunny weather.  There is something for everybody here: horses, Highland Cattle, river scenery and well kept gardens. I did not venture into the house as photography is not permitted.

Here is a young Clydesdale horse. These were originally bred to carry knights into battle during medieval times and subsequently were used for heavy haulage duties.

Clydesdale Horse at Pollock Park

Clydesdale Horse at Pollock Park, Glasgow

Here is Pollock House sitting resplendent on bank of the White Cart Water. This represents a long line of Maxwell family dwellings on the site which have evolved a period of around 1000 years.

Pollock House, Glasgow

Pollock House, Glasgow, Scotland

Here is a view of Pollock House taken from the well kept flower garden.

View of Pollock House from garden

View of Pollock House, Glasgow from garden

A bright pink dahlia in the garden. Slightly battered by recent heavy rain.

Dahlia at Pollock House

Dahlia at Pollock House, Glasgow

White Poppies at Pollock House

White Poppies at Pollock House, Glasgow

On the way home I came across this game of cricket in process. Summer must have arrived!

Game of Cricket in process

Game of Cricket in process, Glasgow

Elsewhere today, my main focus has been the detail of a 10 day Scotland-England tour scheduled for September for a group of 10.

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