Inside St Giles Cathedral, Royal Mile,

Inside St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh

This evening, I am posting information on St Giles Cathedral,Royal Mile Edinburgh. This is actually a Presbyterian place of worship whose correct name is the High Kirk of St Giles.

Due to its location in a major tourist centre this building receieves many thousands of visitors each year.

This building was extensively ‘refaced’ by William Burn in 1829, an exercise which left only two original features unscathed, viz:

  • The Choir (with medieval vault and eastern bay) which dates from 1460.
  • The crowned tower which dates from 1500 and restored in the 17th century.

The interior was restored as a single church by William Hay in 1870-83.

An important and relatively recent addition is the Chapel of the most Ancient and most Noble Order of the Thistle which was designe dby Sir Robert Lorimer in 1910. This contains high quality craftsmanship in stone, wood and glass.

St Giles Cathedral, Royal Mile

St Giles Cathedral, Royal Mile, Edinburgh

Here is the Rieger organ which was built by the Austrian firm of Rieger Orgelbau in `1992.

Organ, St Giles Cathedral

Organ, St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh

I invariably include a visit to the ‘Cathedral’ during walking tours of Edinburgh.

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