Viking Earls' Hall, Orphir

Viking Earls' Hall, Orphir, Orkney

This evening, I am focusing some ostensibly innocuous ruins. These are, in fact, the partly excavated remains of a complex of Norse buildings dating from the 12th century AD. These originally covered a large area and belonged to an earl’s palace (or Earl’s Bu)  mentioned in the Orkneyinga Saga.Location is about 8 miles WSW of Kirkwall.

Immediately adjacent to this site is a churchyard wherein is located the remains of the only surviving example of a round church of this period ( 12th century) in Scotland.

These sites are tangible evidence of Orkney’s long Scandinavian (Norse) heritage which lasted until 1468 when control was handed to Scotland.

Elsewhere today, I have been heavily involved with admin matters. However, I did receive confirmation of a self-drive itinerary which I designed for a couple who will be touring Scotland and Ireland during August.

Weather here in Glasgow has been cool and mainly dry.

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