This morning we departed our Dunfermline lodgings at 9.00am and then drove for about 45 mins to Rosslyn Chapel, about 7 miles south of Edinburgh. This small church dates from the 15th century and took 40 years to complete. It is famous for (a) quality and intensity of the stone carvings which adorn the interior and (b) connection with Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code. Latter has been double edged in that visitor numbers have multiplied since release of film and book swamping facilities at the Chapel whilst on the plus side the increased revenue has proved of great help in funding the on-going repair and remediation work.

At Rosslyn we joined in the 10.00am tour which lasted about 30 mins and gave a useful and well informed overview of the 600 years of history associated with the chapel which today remains a living place of worship as part of the Scottish Episcopalian Church. Unfortunately, no photographs are permitted inside.

Rosslyn Chapel, Roslin

Rosslyn Chapel, Roslin, Scotland

Next we journeyed south for an hour to Melrose Abbey, one of the famous ‘Border Abbeys’. As will evident form the images below, Melrose is a romantic ruin. The building originally dates from the 12th century but suffered extensive damage during English invasions of Scotland during the wars of independence and later with the final coup de grace being the Reformation of the late 16th century. In the Abbey grounds is buried the heart of King Robert the Bruce. The romantic author, Sir Walter Scott was also associated with the Abbey.

Heart of Robert the Bruce, Melrose Abbey

Heart of Robert the Bruce, Melrose Abbey, Scotland

Melrose Abbey, Borders

Melrose Abbey, Borders, Scotland

We enjoyed a spot of lunch at Melrose (sitting outdoors) and then continued our journey south to Lockerbie and our lodgings at Queens Hotel from where I am writing this post.

Restaurant, Melrose

Restaurant, Melrose, Scotland

Queens Hotel, Lockerbie

Queens Hotel, Lockerbie, Scotland

Below I have posted some general images of Lockerbie town centre taken this evening. Lockerbie is perhaps best known for the terrorist attack of 1988¬† when Pan Am 103 exploded over the town with resulting huge loss of life. Today, the town centre is somewhat ‘mixed’ with some retail premises boarded up.

Lockerbie Town Centre

Lockerbie Town Centre, Scottish Borders

Lockerbie Town Centre

Lockerbie Town Centre, Scottish Borders

Tomorrow, we tour important sites connected with Clan Armstrong.

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