This morning we departed our Lockerbie hotel and proceeded as follows:

First to Rowanburn Village to view the effigy of Lang Sandy who is reputed to have had up to 10 sons and a Tower at Cloughfoot, near Tarras Moss.

Lang Sandy, Rowanburn

Lang Sandy, Rowanburn, Scottish Borders

Next to Tourneyholm, which lies close to the England-Scotland border. This was where justice was dispensed and truce days held.

Tourneyholm, Kershopefoot

Tourneyholm, Kershopefoot, Scottish Borders

Next to Ettleton Cemetery and the Milholm Cross. The latter was erected to the memory of Alexander, the 2nd Chief of Clan Armstrong. Some believe that Alexander is buried under the cross (in 1320).

Milholm Cross, Clan Armstrong

Milholm Cross, Clan Armstrong, Scottish Borders

Detail of Milholm Cross

Detail of Milholm Cross, Scottish Borders

Ettleton Cemetery is dominated by an obelisk denoting the grave of William Armstrong of Sorbietrees who was accidentally killed from gunshot wounds. There are many other ancient headstones at Ettleton Cemetery, a number of which being attributed to the Armstrongs.The latter can be identified by a shield with helmet and up to three arms.

Ettleton Cemetery, Newcastleton

Ettleton Cemtery, Newcastleton, Scotland

Ettleton Cemetery, Newcastleton

Ettleton Cemetery, Newcastleton, Scottish Borders

Next to Newcastleton for a pub lunch.

After lunch we drove to view the nearby remains of  Mangerton Tower which dates from before 1244 and has a long history of ownership by Armstrongs. The tower was made uninhabitable on orders of King James VI and finally demolished by the building of a railway in the 1880s. There is a stone plaque which commemorates the building of the Tower in 1583, It depicts a bearskin and the initials SA, the 8th Laird, and EF, his wife Elizabeth Forster.

Mangerton Castle, Clan Armstrong

Mangerton Castle, Clan Armstrong, Scottish Borders


Plaque at Mangerton Castle

Next to Hermitage Castle, a forbidding and harsh structure which is the largest castle in the area. This is the castle where de Soulis ungratefully repaid Alexander’s hospitality by stabbing him in the back while at table. There is also a connection with Mary Queen of Scots.

Hermitage Castle, Scottish Borders

Hermitage Castle, Scotland

Next to Langholm where we spent time at the Armstrong Trust Museum and a drive past of the remains of Langholm Castle, latter being probably erected by Christopher Armstrong, brother of Johnnie. the castle was garrisoned by Armstrongs until 1603.

Clan Armstrong Trust Museum

Clan Armstrong Trust Museum, Scotland

Langholm Castle, Clan Armstrong,

Langholm Castle, Clan Armstrong, Scottish Borders

Finally, at end of a fulfilling day, we returned to our lodgings at the Queens Hotel, Lockerbie.