Anstruther Harbour, Fife Coast

Anstruther Harbour, Fife Coast, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on Anstruther, a charming former fishing village on the Fife Coast and now very popular with tourists.

I invariably inlcude a visit to Anstruther in course of my Scotland tours. Attractions here include:

  • Pleasant ambiance arising from a juxtaposition of (a) the old architecture dating back to the fishing port golden days of about 200 years ago (b) the busy marina full of a wide variety of boats and (c) shop attractions including the famous Anstruther Fish Bar which holds awards for the quality of its fish and chips.
  • The Scottish Fishweries Museum which is located close to the harbour and provides a comprehensive display of vessels associated with Scotland’s long involvement in the fishing industry.
  • Life Boat visitor centre.
Fife Coast Architecture, Anstruther

Fife Coast Architecture, Anstruther, Scotland


Beach at Anstruther, Fife Coast

Beach at Anstruther, Fife Coast, Scotland


Anstruther Fish and Chips

Anstruther Fish and Chips, Scotland

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