Falkirk Wheel, Falkirk

Falkirk Wheel, Falkirk, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on an intriguing piece of Scottish engineering comprising the world’s first rotating boat lift  which is located near Falkirk in central Scotland. The boat lift or ‘wheel’ links the Forth & Clyde Canal with the Union Canal this providing canal boats with a direct link from Glasgow to Edinburgh. Previously the two links canals were linked by a series of eleven locks which eventually fell into disrepair resulting in a closure of the link between the two canals. The Falkirk Wheel was opened in 2002 to replace the defunct locks system.

In addition to its primary  boat transport function, The Falkirk Wheel is at the the heart of a visitor attraction which includes:

  • Boat trips on the ‘Wheel’.
  • Gift Shop and Cafe.
  • Visitor Centre
  • Picnic areas
  • Canal walks.
  • Cycle paths.
  • Interactive displays.

Overall, and judging from guest feedback, a unique and interesting experience.

Falkirk Wheel, Falkirk

Falkirk Wheel, Falkirk, Scotland


Canal Tunnel at Falkirk Wheel

Canal Tunnel at Falkirk Wheel, Scotland


Architecture at Falkirk Wheel

Architecture at Falkirk Wheel, Scotland


View from Falkirk Wheel, Falkirk

View from Falkirk Wheel, Falkirk, Scotland

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