Anchor Mill, Paisley

Anchor Mill, Paisley, Scotland

This morning I took the opportunity to visit the town of Paisley near Glasgow.

Paisley has a long and proud history, possibly dating back to the Roman era. The town was at the forefront of the industrial revolution with a special emphasis on textiles -te famous Paisley Pattern and thread making, with latter employing tens of thousands at its 19th C peak. The textile industry generated huge wealth which filtered down into the construction of (a) a stunning Baptist ‘Cathedral’ and (b) a magnificent Town Hall.  Here is a video clip of the Abbey and Town Hall.

For the visitor there  is a diversity of architecture and places to visit which include a 13th century Abbey, former textile mills, Coats Baptist Church and much more including a statue to local church ministerJohn Witherspoon who was a signatory to the American Decalaration of Independence. The musuem is well endowed with a wide range of exhibits (incl textile hertiage) and close by is a 19th century observatory.

Paisley is actually home to Glasgow Airport but few tourists actually visit . As a faded industrial town Paisley has low self esteem and does not seem to position itself to receive volumes of visitors. From time to time I provide small group tours of the town which inavariably receive positive feedback.

This the Russell Institute featuring 1920s architecture. Built as a child welfare clinic.

Russell Institute, Paisley

Russell Institute, Paisley, Scotland

 Street name reflecting textile industry history.

Shuttle Street, Paisley

Shuttle Street, Paisley, Scotland

Architectural Detail, Russell Institute

Architectural Detail, Russell Institute, Paisley

 Statue of John Witherspoon of Paisley who was a signatory to the American Declaration of Independence.

Witherspoon Statue, Paisley

Witherspoon Statue, Paisley, Scotland

 Coats Memorial Church aka ‘Baptist Cathedral of Europe’. Financed by wealth of the Coats textile family.

Coats Memorial Baptist Church, Paisley

Coats Memorial Baptist Church, Paisley, Scotland

 Paisley Museum, the first publicly run museum in Scotland. Holds the world’s finest collection of Paisley shawls.

Museum, Paisley

Museum, Paisley, Scotland


War Memorial, Paisley

War Memorial, Paisley, Scotland

 Well kept central square of Paisley.

Paisley Town Centre

Paisley Town Centre, Scotland

 Paisley Town Hall. Financed by the wealthy Clark textile family.

Town Hall, Paisley

Town Hall, Paisley, Scotland

 Paisley Abbey, founded 1163 and restored in the 14th century.

13th C Paisley Abbey,

13th C Paisley Abbey, Scotland

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