Speedway, Glasgow

Speedway, Glasgow, Scotland

This evening, I am posting a small portfolio of images taken at recent Speedway event at Glasgow, Scotland.

This was my first ever attendance at such a sporting event. Essentials of Speedway:

  • Four to six riders compete on specially designed motor cycles which have no brakes.
  • Each contest comprises four laps of an oval track.
  • Each motorcycle has just one gear.
  • Speeds of up to 70  mph are reached.
  • Riders exercise control by sliding on the compacted dirt track.

This particular contest was between Glasgow Tigers and Workington Comets.

Speedway Event, Glasgow

Speedway Event, Glasgow, Scotland


Speedway Participants at Glasgow

Speedway Participants at Glasgow, Scotland


Line Up at Speedway

Line Up at Speedway, Glasgow


Starting Gate at Speedway

Starting Gate at Speedway, Glasgow


Trophies at Speedway

Trophies at Speedway, Glasgow

An interesting and well patronised event. This was the last day of a Scotland tour for my guests. They then departed on a driving tour of Ireland which I arranged.

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