Minerva, Roman Diety

Minerva, Roman Diety, Bath

Today, our tour group focused on the fascinating City of Bath in S.W. England. This city can trace its heritage back nearly 2000 years to the Romans who built a magnificent temple and bathing complex centred around Britain’s only hot spring which still flows with natural hot water. We visited the water’s source and walked around the original Roman era stone pavements. The extensive ruins are extremely well presented in a Visitor Centre which incorporates a museum housing the antiquities on the site which includes the temple of Minerva.

The Roman baths were occupied from around AD 70 through to around AD410 when Roman power in Britain collapsed.

Here is an image of the baths with the Abbey Church in the background.

Roman Baths, Bath

Roman Baths, Bath, England


Roman Baths, Bath

Roman Baths, Bath, England

Here are remains of the Roman hypocaust system. The pillars held the floor and in the void so created hot air circulated.

Hypacaust, Roman Baths

Hypacaust, Roman Baths, Bath

After visiting the Roman baths we joined one hour tour of Bath in an open-top tour bus. his was good value and provided a good overview of this historic and attractive city which is renowned for its Georgian architecture (late 18th-early 19th C) which included the famous Royal Crescent  and Circus

Here is Bath Abbey which substantially dates from around 1611 but represent a continuity of Christian worship dating back to AD 676 when a convent of Christian nuns was founded.

Bath Abbey, Bath

Bath Abbey, Bath, England

Below are two illustrations of the Georgian architecture style which dominates Bath.

Georgian Architecture, Bath

Georgian Architecture, Bath, England


Georgian Crescent, Bath

Georgian Crescent, Bath, England

Here is the River Avon at Bath.

River Avon, Bath

River Avon, Bath, Englandx


After the bus tour we enjoyed a very good value pub lunch at the Saracen’s Head in central Bath. Later, the group availed of  a free afternoon exploring the many facets of the city.

Overall, a good day albeit tempered by the rain which arrived later in the day.

Tomorrow, we visit Salisbury Cathedral and Stonehenge.

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