Classic Punt Scene on River Cam

Classic Punt Scene on River Cam at Cambridge

Tour Group at King's College

Tour Group at King’s College, Cambridge

Today our tour focused on the ancient city of Cambridge in eastern England.

Upon arrival we joined an exclusive walking tour of the city centre and colleges which lasted about 1 hour.

Cambridge boasts 31 colleges which collectively form the University. These include Corpus Christie, Jesus, Kings, Magdalene,Queens’, Peterhouse and Trinity.

Cambridge has produced 88 Nobel Prize winners and alumni including Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton and Samuel Pepys.

Tour Group at St Benet's Church

Tour Group at St Benet's Church, Cambridge

Elaborate Sundial, Cambridge

Elaborate Sundial, Cambridge, England


Architecture at Cambridge

Architecture at Cambridge, England

King's College Chapel, Cambridge

King's College Chapel, Cambridge, England


King's College, Cambridge

King's College, Cambridge, England

Corpus Clock, Cambridge

Corpus Clock, Cambridge, England

Corpus Christie College, Cambridge

Corpus Christie College, Cambridge, England

After refreshment in the famous Eagle pub we availed of a trip on the River Cam in a punt which took us on a route along the Backs and views of college and other important from the river which in the past was an important communication route.

Mathematical Bridge over River Cam

Mathematical Bridge over River Cam at Cambridge


Punting Scene on River Cam

Punting Scene on River Cam at Cambridge

Fortunately, our river trip benefited from sunshine and reasonably warm weather.

Next, we returned to the Eagle pub for lunch and then on to the hotel to avail of activity facilities there.

This evening we all dined at the Three Horseshoes at Madingley. A quaint village  featuring houses with thatched roofs.

Three Horseshoes, Madingley

Three Horseshoes, Madingley, England

Tomorrow, we move on to Cirencester, Stratford on Avon and Bath.

Images to follow.

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