Architecture, Stratford upon Avon

Architecture, Stratford upon Avon, England

This morning, our tour group departed lodgings at Cambridge in eastern England and then drove north-west to Stratford upon Avon. Here we spent time walking around this historic town, visited Shakespeare’s birthplace  in Henley Street, had a pub lunch and then walked along the bank of the River Avon to Trinity Church and Shakespeare’s burial place.  Weather remained dry.

Tudor Architecture, Stratford upon Avon

Tudor Architecture, Stratford upon Avon, England

Shakespeare's Birthplace, Stratford upon Avon

Shakespeare's Birthplace, Stratford upon Avon, England

River Avon at Stratford

River Avon at Stratford, England

View of Holy Trinity Church, Stratford

View of Holy Trinity Church, Stratford, England


Burial Place of Shakespeare

Burial Place of Shakespeare at Stratford

After Stratford we drove south to Cirencester, the former Roman town of Corinium to view the impressive amphitheatre, second largest in Roman Britain after that at Londinium (London).

Amphitheatre at Cirencester

Amphitheatre at Cirencester, England


Next we moved on through pleasant countryside to our destination for the night of Bath, also a former Roman town.

Tomorrow we tour the main sites and sights of Bath

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