This morning, we departed our lodgings at Tynemouth and then drove a short distance to nearby Tynemouth Castle to take pictures and view the beach scenery.

Grand Hotel, Tynemouth

Grand Hotel, Tynemouth, England

Tynemouth Castle

Tynemouth Castle, England

Beach at Tynemouth

Beach at Tynemouth, England

Next to York in N.E.England. This city can trace its origins back to the Romans in AD 71. First a military fort and then civilian town known as Eboracum. After the Romans departed in the 5th century there was an interregnum of 200 years then a Viking settlement grew up and prospered during period 866-1066. This town was known as Yorvik which has been extensively excavated with information gathered used to construct a re-enactment experience also known as Yorvik. We visited this popular visitor attraction which entails a journey into the past on powered gondolas at below street level.

10th C AD Viking, Yorvik

10th C AD Viking, Yorvik, England

Viking Yorvik

Viking Yorvik, York

Yorvik, Viking Exhibition

Yorvik, Viking Exhibition, York

Next, we walked around the historic town centre in which there was a major food fair in process, which was opportune for lunch.

York Minster, York

York Minster, York, England

Next we viewed exterior of the famous Minster (Cathedral) and then re-joined the tour bus for onward journey to Cambridge where we duly arrived about 7.00pm. On the way we encountered a stunning double rainbow, a picture of which can be seen below (taken through the Tour Bus windshield).

Rainbow, Cambridge

Rainbow, Cambridge, England

Weather today has been mixed: sunshine and showers.

Tomorrow, we visit Cambridge.

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