Rock Formations at Pass of Killiecrankie

Rock Formations at Pass of Killiecrankie, Scotland

Today, we continued our tour of central Scotland, near the popular town of Pitlochry. The weather was incredibly benign for the time of year, reaching temperatures of up to 25 C (about 77  F), which, coupled with good visibility augured well for photo opportunities.

First we drove to the scenic site known as Queen’s View  in Perthshire which affords magnificent views along Loch Tummel. This is part of the Tay Forest Park  which is home to a  wide variety of wildlife. During our brief visit we were fortunate to spot a skein of wild geese skimming over the loch’s surface, a magnificent sight.

Queen's View, Loch Tummel

Queen's View, Loch Tummel, Scotland

Skein of Wild Geese, Loch Tummel

Skein of Wild Geese, Loch Tummel, Scotland


Next we drove back to the A9 but first took an interesting diversion along a very minor country road through Glen Fincastle. Here we encountered a huge forestry truck, black sheep and farmers harvesting their crops.

Glen Fincastle, Perthshire

Glen Fincastle, Perthshire, Scotland


Harvesting at Glen Fincastle

Harvesting at Glen Fincastle, Scotland

Black Sheep, Glen Fincastle

Black Sheep, Glen Fincastle, Scotland

Next we pulled in for some photographs of scenery from the Garry Bridge and by chance came across Scotland’s only bungee jumping  facility which provided some unexpected photo and video opportunities near the River Garry.

Linn of Tummel, Perthshire

Linn of Tummel, Perthshire, Scotland

Bungee Jumping, Pitlochry

Bungee Jumping, Pitlochry, Scotland

After about an hour watching the bungee jumping we moved up to nearby Killiecrankie, a site which comprises a wooded gorge supporting an abundance of wildlife whilst at the base flows the River Garry. This gorge has long provided road and rail communications where the Highlands meet the Lowlands.  Apart from the nature aspect, the site is famous for the Battle of Killiecrankie which was fought here in July 1689 between the Jacobites and government troops, resulting in a victory for the former. During the flight of government troops one Donald MacBane is reputed to made a spectacular 18ft (5.5m) leap across the fast flowing River Garry.

Pass of Killiecrankie, Perthshire

Pass of Killiecrankie, Perthshire, Scotland


Killiecrankie concluded our tour activities for the day and after some refreshments we returned to Glasgow.

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