Sycamore Gap, Hadrian's Wall

Sycamore Gap, Hadrian's Wall, England

This afternoon, we connected with one of the best preserved, and remote, sections, of Hadrian’s Wall. This entailed a circular walk starting at Steel Rigg and then heading east tpowards Housesteads Roman Fort.

The route took us past us past various milecastles and turrets plus the famous Sycamore Gap and entailed some stunning and rugged scenery which included Crag Lough and Highshields Crags.

About half way to Housesteads we turned right near Hotbank Farm and doubled back to folow the old Military Way which runs just south of the Wall and was, of couse, the old supply and communication road fior the Wall and remains in reasonable state of repair after some 1600 years po

Milecastle 39, Hadrian's Wall

Milecastle 39, Hadrian's Wall, England

Hadrian's Wall, Steel Rigg to Housesteads

Hadrian's Wall, Steel Rigg to Housesteads, England

Mithras the Bull, Hadrian's Wall

Mithras the Bull, Hadrian's Wall, England

Hiking Hadfrian's Wall

Hiking Hadfrian's Wall, Northumberland

Military Way, Hadrian's Wall

Military Way, Hadrian's Wall, England

Turret on Hadrian's Wall

Turret on Hadrian's Wall, Steel Rigg

Crag Lough from Hadrian's Wall

Crag Lough from Hadrian's Wall, England

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