Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow

Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, Scotland

This morning  I cycled into central Glasgow (Scotland’s largest city) to explore various facets of the public art and heritage in and around the Merchant City area. There is more to do but in meantime I am submitting a portfolio of images and  narrative relative to the various items many of which have links with Glasgow’s history as a trading city and even further back in time to around the 6th century AD and St. Mungo, Glasgow’s patron saint.

The Gallery of Modern Art (above) evolved out of a 18th century private mansion connected with trade in tobacco. The frieze, below, shows elements from the story of St. Mungo. This is the work of French artist, Niki de St.Phalle.

St Mungo Frieze, Gallery of Modern Art

St Mungo Frieze, Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow

This statue of the Duke of Wellington stands outside the Gallery of Modern Art and has become a de facto emblem of Glasgow. Designed by Marochetti, a well established sculptor of the Victorian era.

Duke of Wellington Statue, Glasgow

Duke of Wellington Statue, Glasgow, Scotland

This is untitled sculpture dates from 1973 and sits above the Ingram Hotel. It is the work of Richard Coley and is reminiscent of a rock pool or water-flow.

Untitled Sculpture, Ingram Hotel

Untitled Sculpture, Ingram Hotel, Glasgow

This image is one of two neo-classical sculptures which sit atop the Italian Centre. Designed by Alexander Stoddart.

Neo-classical sculpture, Italian Centre

Neo-classical sculpture, Italian Centre, Glasgow

This image shows the ‘Glasgow Bouquet’ by Doug Cocker and dates from 2005. This bronze sculpture commemorates the 400th anniversary of the reconstitution of the Trades House and Merchants House. Depiction is of tools in an open weave basket. Mounted on a granite column.

Glasgow Bouguet, Glasgow

Glasgow Bouguet, Glasgow, Scotland

This image is in the same vein as the previous one. It shows industrious cherubs busy creating wealth. The work of John Mossman, 1854. Situated at rear of the Corinthian.

Cherub Sculpture, Corinthian

Cherub Sculpture, Corinthian, Glasgow

This interesting image shows an elaborate gilt sign which has been retained for visual pleasure notwithstanding the activity depicted is no longer undertaken in the premises.

Ornate Gilt Signage, Merchant City

Ornate Gilt Signage, Merchant City, Glasgow

Here is another representation of Glasgow’s patron saint, St Mungo over the entrance to 177 Ingram Street. The work of George Frampton and William Shirreffs.

St Mungo Themed Scuplture, Glasgow

St Mungo Themed Scuplture, Glasgow, Scotland

 Here is a preserved and restored old style British police box which has been reinvented as a mock first aid station.

Old Style British Police Box, Glasgow

Old Style British Police Box, Glasgow, Scotland

Overall a fascinating trip and also a learning experience. Hope to complete the tour in early course.

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