This morning we departed lodgings at Grantown-on-Spey (An Cala) and Ross Mor) and then took a minor road north to Craigellachie.This road tracked the River Spey and took us through some wonderful Speyside scenery where we also  observed  a variety of wildlife including Red Squirrel, birds of prey, pheasant and black grouse. There was also Highland Cattle and many flocks of sheep.

An Cala, Grantown

An Cala, Grantown, Speyside

Ross Mor, Grantown

Ross Mor, Grantown, Speyside

River Spey, Speyside

River Spey, Speyside, Scotland

Highland Scenery, Speyside

Highland Scenery, Speyside, Scotland

At Craigellachie we visited the famous Quaich Bar at the Craigellachie Hotel which is home to over 700 single malts.

Quaich Whisky Bar, Craigellachie

Quaich Whisky Bar, Craigellachie, Speyside

After a short sojourn at Craigellachie we moved on to nearby Glenfiddich Distillery where we participated in the in-depth, two hour Explorer Tour which entailed a visit to all key facets of the whisky making and maturation processes concluding with a tasting of four single malts.

After the  Glenfiddich tour some of the group stayed on at Glenfiddich whilst others went on to nearby Aberlour Distillery to join the 2.00pm tour which, like Glenfiddich, took participants through the key malting, mashing, fermentation, distillation and maturation processes culminating in a tasting of 5 malts.#

Tour Group at Glenfiddich

Tour Group at Glenfiddich, Speyside

Whisky Stills at Glenfiddich

Whisky Stills at Glenfiddich, Speyside

Whisky Tasting at Glenfiidich

Whisky Tasting at Glenfiidich, Speyside


Tour Group at Aberlour Distillery

Tour Group at Aberlour Distillery, Speyside

Whisky Stills at Aberlour

Whisky Stills at Aberlour, Speyside

Whisky Tasting at Aberlour

Whisky Tasting at Aberlour, Speyside

After collecting the group from Glenfiddich we drove back to Grantown on-Spey and then evening dinner at the local Indian restaurant which proved a success.

Tomorrow, we head for Edinburgh via Aberfeldy in central Scotland.

Weather today has been mixed, mainly cloudy with intermittent rain.

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