Squiggly Bridge, Glasgow
Squiggly Bridge, Glasgow, Scotland


This evening, I went out on my bike (in the rain) with the aim of photographing certain elements of Glasgow’s public art which are illuminated and therefore best seen at night. This venture was partly successful because one of the illuminations seems to have been taken down. However, I did eventually locate an intriguing triptych on a wall up an obscure and partly blocked off side street, Tontine Lane, where footfall would be somewhere around zero.

The neon triptych  is the result of collaboration between artist Louise Crawford and architect Ian Alexander in 2001.

In researching the history of the Merchant City (of Glasgow)  reference was found to finding of a dug-out canoe in AD1781 where the Tontine Buildings now stands. I fact, four canoes were uncovered, one of which is still held in the Glasgow Museum of Transport and comprises a simple hollowed out shell. The actual location is maybe half a mile from the current course of the River Clyde and the presence of the boats may indicate an ancient stream or river bed beneath the street.

Overall, a fascinating piece of fact based art.

Neon Triptych, Tontine Lane

Neon Triptych, Tontine Lane, Glasgow

Here is another view of Glasgow’s Squiggly Bridge  which I took en-route to Tontine Lane.

Squiggly Bridge, At Night

Squiggly Bridge, Glasgow, At Night

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