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Roman Fort, Cramond
Roman Fort, Cramond, Scotland

 This evening, I am focusing on a major Roman site in Scotland at Cramond, near Edinburgh.

This site displays evidence of a remarkable continuity of occupation from the building of the Antonine Wall in AD142 through to subsequent re-occupation and enlargements in around AD 208-222 through to post Roman occupation by local peoples and use of the Roman Principia  as site for a Christian Church around AD600 which has evolved into the current place of worship.

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Falls of Clyde at New Lanark

Falls of Clyde at New Lanark, Scotland

In course of last couple of days the S.W. of Scotland has experienced very heavy rainfall leading to localised flooding. With this in mind  drove to New Lanark World Heritage Site to view the Falls of Clyde in full flow. Regrettably, the only still image I took was from a cellphone camera (above) which is of mediocre quality. However, I did take a number of reasonable quality video clips which are provided below and which demonstrate the sheer force and volume of water. As I drove back to Glasgow I followed the Clyde Valley and noted that the river was close to bursting its banks in a number of places. The rain continues as I write this!

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Dunvegan Castle, Isle of Skye,

Dunvegan Castle, Isle of Skye, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on Dunvegan Castle, one of the Isle of Skye’s top visitor attractions.

This castle is perfectly situated in the north of the island and fits in nicely with a day tour of Skye. Facilities include:

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