Trades House, Glassford Street

Trades House, Glassford Street, Glasgow

This evening, I am presenting a photo record of my journey this morning around a core of surviving Glasgow architecture from pre-1800.Interestingly, these are all clustered around the eastern part of Glasgow, a feature which reflects the progressive move west of Glasgow’s nexus over subsequent years.

Above is the Trades House in Glassford Street which is atributed to Robert Adam in 1791-4 with subsequent additions in 1837-8 ( a salon by David Hamilton) and 1888 (a north wing by James Sellars. Interior was refurbished 1916-27.

Below is the Babbity Bowster hostelry in Blackfriars Stree. This was constructed around 1794 and then reconstructed 1984-5.

Babbity Bowster, Blackfriars St

Babbity Bowster, Blackfriars St., Glasgow

This shows the Tron Kirk and steeple in Trongate. The Kirk dates from 1793-4 whilst the steeple dates from 1592 and is a remnant of an earlier Kirk. Converted to a theatre in 1981.

Tron Kirk and Steeple, Trongate

Tron Kirk and Steeple, Trongate, Glasgow

This building in Charlotte Street dates from 1783. Converted to flats in 1988.

52 Charlotte St., Glasgow

52 Charlotte St., Glasgow, Scotland

I believe this piece of architecture in Moore Street to be contemporary with that in adjacent Graham Square.

18th C Architecture at Moore St

18th C Architecture at Moore St., Glasgow

Here is an image and video clip  of Graham Square which was laid out around 1783 as a residential development.

Graham Square Architecture

Graham Square Architecture, Glasgow

This is St. Andrew’s Church, St. Andrew’s Square. Dates from 1739. Refurbished in 1906.

St Andrew's Church, St Andrew's Square

St Andrew's Church, St Andrew's Square, Glasgow

 This is the McLennan Arch in Glasgow Green. Work of Robert and James Adam 1792. The reconstructed centrepiece of demolished Assembly Rooms facade. Relocated 1892 and 1922.

McLennan Arch, Glasgow Green

McLennan Arch, Glasgow Green, Scotland

 This shows the Merchants’ Steeple in Bridgegate which dates from 1665. Was originally part of Merchants’ House.

Merchants' Steeple, Bridgegate

Merchants' Steeple, Bridgegate, Glasgow

Overall, a fascinating day with photography aided by sunny weather.

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